SIPS Basement Panels

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SIPS  R-ValuesLess air infiltration - no thermal bridging - a more energy efficient home
  • 6" SIPS wall panel has an R-Value of about 24
  • 10" SIPS roof panel has an R-value of about 40
SIPs Basement PanelsOur SIPS basement system creates an insulated environment perfect for additional living space. The typical basement panel is comprised of 7-3/8" EPS with 1/2" treated plywood exterior sheathing to resist moisture and 7/16" standard OSB interior sheathing. Treated 2x8's are placed 12" on center. Vertical electrical chases are factory routed in each panel. All window openings are precut and framed at the factory.We also offers a panel foundation system. These panels are sheathed on both sides with treated plywood and contain 2x studs 16" on center. The superb insulation protects plumbing from freezing in cold climates.

Basement Wall Panel


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