SIPS R-Values Roof Panels

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SIPS  R-ValuesLess air infiltration - no thermal bridging - a more energy efficient home
  • 6" SIPS wall panel has an R-Value of about 26
  • 10" SIPS roof panel has an R-value of about 40
Splined Roof PanelsOur splined roof is one of a family of our SIPS panel roof systems- each designed to meet the needs of different construction applications. The splined roof is the perfect enclosure system over metal, timber or log frames. The system is fast and easy to install and results in excellent energy efficiency. We offer single-sided or double-sided panels depending on your needs. Our drafting and design team will configure panels specifically for your project and provide your builder with panel construction blueprints. Our splined roof panels are composed of 7-3/8" EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation laminated to OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing. The R-Value of 8" splined panels is R-30. Panels edges are recessed at the factory for the connecting EPS splines.

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